FyiConnectSM LLC is an Internet marketing business of directories for affordable website advertising and promotion of companies, organizations, associations, and clubs.

Our  business of online business directories and consumer information and resource is focused on state-specific local communities. Our mission is twofold:

  • To help businesses enjoy a greater opportunity to get noticed on the Internet by providing low-cost inclusion into our business directories and low-cost advertising as well. There is a very large market for our online website directories. Too many businesses simply cannot afford expensive search engine optimization. In addition, most Internet searchers stop looking after the third page of a search which is typically only 30 links. If a company or organization isn't discovered in these first three pages it is likely they won't be found. FyiConnectSM LLC is taking the approach that thousands of website operators will be delighted to pay a small amount to be included in our organized and local directories, bypassing the haphazard algorithms of search engines. Our FYI directories supply Internet users with other valuable information as well that will drive traffic to our websites.
  • Secondly, many Internet users are frustrated with the difficulty of locating local businesses, organizations, or even clubs and associations by doing a typical web search. There are thousands of websites that will never be located using a search engine. A more concentrated and focused local directory benefits both the business and the consumer.

Our long-term plan is to develop an FYI website for every state in the USA. The theme and look will stay consistent. When one is traveling or researching other states FyiConnectSM LLC will be a valuable resource for weather, local news, local sports, entertainment, airline fight status, and much more.

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